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Thanks to the client for the “school”

CONSORT Success stories Thanks to the client for the “school”

Cooperation with- the world leader in the production of advanced equipment (as well as clothing and accessories) for outdoor activities and sports at the turn of 2021 and 2022, turned out to be a bright moment in the work of our Group’s company Consort Petersburg.

– It is difficult to surprise CONSORT Group, with its long-time experience of cooperation with partners around the world, with something fundamentally new. Yet the experience of interaction with this world-famous company was a revelation for us — so competently debugged were all the mechanisms for working together on complex vacancies in the fields of IT and the analytics and demand planning. Clear and timely feedback from the customer, an objective assessment of candidates, well-elaborated procedures, policies and communications — in a word, an exemplary client! All this served as an additional incentive for our consultants to strive to meet such high expectations. It was not easy, but together we achieved the solution of the tasks set before us. It remains to thank the client for the “school” and wish that our portfolio includes more such complex projects that allow consultants to hone their professional skills!