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Professional and Ethical Code

CONSORT About us Professional and Ethical Code

We are engaged in personnel search and selection of, personnel outsourcing and HR consulting. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to comply with ethical standards and confidentiality of personal information. Our basic principles are:

Equality and respect

We do not accept discrimination in any form or on any principle

We adhere to the Federal Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination in Labor relations and encourage others to do so

We respect our candidates, clients and colleagues

We always adhere to our commitments


We work with personal information, so we strictly comply with the Federal Law on Personal Data

We ensure the protection of Personal Data of our candidates

We never disclose the information we receive from a client or candidate

We will never send a candidate’s resume to the client company without his/her consent


We treat with deep respect those who, having placed their trust in us, have become our clients

We “don’t cut corners” and do our work honestly and conscientiously

We will always make every effort to do our job as efficiently as possible

If we see a possible problem, we will notify the client about it in a timely manner

Honesty and Integrity

We perform our obligations towards the clients with honesty and decency

We have earned the title of “the most ethical company on the market” and are doing everything possible to meet this high standard

We know the laws and always comply with them

Our accounting is transparent and accurate

We do not accept “gray schemes” and follow the Anti-Corruption Law

We do not allow and do not offer any incentives to clients or intermediaries in any form for concluding contracts and their successful execution

Our honest name is our main value. Therefore, the leaders of international and Russian businesses become and remain our clients for many years. We are well aware that even a single violation of ethical rules can destroy a reputation that has been created for decades. If you have any doubts about the correctness of doing business by our colleagues or partners, you can talk confidentially with the Chairman of the Ethics Committee Yulia Balakina ([email protected]) or Mikhail Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of CONSORT Group ([email protected] ).