A new HRD in a leading auditing company

In the second half of 2023, one of the largest Russian audit companies contacted us with a request to find a HR Director. After the transformation of international audit companies, the so-called Big4, into Russian ones, our client has got the opportunity to compete for the best personnel in the industry at a new level. To do this, it was decided to invite a new HR Director with experience in ex-Big4 and the ability to adapt HR business processes in accordance with the demands of the modern labor market.

CONSORT scores points in the IT market

Recently, in the summary of projects of the CONSORT Group, already completed or in progress, such names as Head of Development Department, Chief Developer, Lead Engineer of System Solutions, Digital Twin Architect and other terms related to the field of information technology have begun to appear more and more often.

We have been looking for IT specialists for our clients before, and in considerable numbers, but, perhaps, it is for the first time that we are being addressed by client companies offering to the market nothing but IT solutions. In Moscow, our success in IT recruitment is associated with a new consultant, Maria Lutsenko, who managed to put cooperation with the IT department of a large investment company on stream in a short time.

In Ekaterinburg, Nadezhda Ekhlakova, managing partner of Consort Ural, successfully organized teamwork aimed at IT searches. And the foundation at the beginning of this year was laid by the youth team of Consort Uzbekistan, which began its journey in recruitment with the successful completion of IT assignments. We hope that the achievements of the CONSORT Group in the selection of IT specialists will be noticed by other participants of the IT market

Scarce digital twin architect for a Ural client

The direction of industrial, and not only industrial, automation of production processes is gaining momentum from year to year. And our partners from Consort Ural have been helping the PLM – Ural company find unique IT specialists for 10 years. In recent years, the search has become more complicated because the need for specialists in the production side of information technology has grown (meaning those who directly create IT products). There are already not enough of them in Russia, and in the last period the competition for them has increased even more. It is clear that the struggle for scarce personnel is usually won by large and well-known companies, which can afford to “buy” specialists for more money, offering them “chocolate” conditions.

But no matter how difficult it was, the head of Consort Ural Nadezhda Ekhlakova managed to create a search team that ensured the transition to the client company of a professional digital twin architect, the competition for whom had been carried out by several leading market players.

Consort Petersburg’s debut in Kazakhstan

A long-time client of Consort Petersburg, a Russian company specializing in sales and maintenance of off-road machinery, asked for assistance in filling two positions for their new Kazakhstan office: a Sales Support Administrator and a Mechanic.

It was a veritable challenge for our St Petersburg’s colleagues because the labor market in Kazakhstan had previously been unfamiliar for them. Having done an in-depth market research, Consort Petersburg consultants provided a range of different candidates for each position so that the customer would have a certain choice. The client gave preference to those who had had a good experience of working for international companies. The client had some doubts, though, especially in terms of the candidates’ initiative-taking ability, because, as we’d understood during the initial research into the specifics of Kazakhstan’s labor market, this character trait was not particularly welcome in many local companies, including the candidates’ previous job places.

During the onboarding, the ability to take the initiative was well noted and appreciated in the Sales Support Administrator. Both employees made a two-day study visit to the client’s St Petersburg office, where they met their Russian colleagues and participated in a training on building successful “across the border” communications. Both candidates have been successfully working in the client’s company who expressed gratitude for helping to find worthy candidates.

Thus, Consort Petersburg, following the recently opened company Consort Uzbekistan, has taken yet another step towards developing personnel market in Central Asia.

The first completed assignments in Uzbekistan are in the sphere of IT

The recently opened CONSORT Group office in Uzbekistan completed its first search assignments by filling the positions of Software implementation and Customer service managers for a major player in the IT market, ASCON. Founded in 1989, this company is now one of the leaders in the software market and specializes in software development for engineering design automation, product design, product lifecycle management, simulation and virtual reality.

We wish professional success to our candidates and look forward to further fruitful cooperation with ASCON!