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Outplacement is a consultancy program to provide employees made redundant with support in searching for a new job. This service has been used by our key clients for many years. It is required both under normal market conditions and, especially, when mass staff downsizing takes place. We offer a shortened version of the program for situations when budgets do not allow making use of the full program.  
Outplacement consultancy program.
Goal: to provide employees made redundant with a labor market situation update, and advise them of the most efficient job search tools. To provide employees with personalized professional support they need after company’s downsizing, and ensure they use most effective – both standard and non-standard – methods during their search for a new job.  
The Outplacement Program is comprised of three stages (modules). 
1. One-on-one interview with the downsized employee
2. Current labor market update and job search advice 
3. Individual support for the employee