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The best candidate was very nearby

CONSORT Success stories The best candidate was very nearby

A long search, a change in concept, a change in working methods — all this was in the search project for the Head of the Brand center in St. Petersburg for the world’s leading manufacturer of household appliances.

At first, everything seemed simple and clear: the candidate for this position was a ‘piece- goods’ and it was clear where to look. But it turned out that the work on the project must constantly be adjusted. The search was started by one office of CONSORT Group and finished by another.

Client’s wishes were: — searching all over Russia and presenting candidates with different experience background. The desire of the client, of course, is the law, but our consultants are used to starting from realities, keeping their finger on the pulse. And the realities of market research suggested that the most valuable specialist is somewhere nearby. As a result, the most interesting candidate was found in his native land, in St. Petersburg, he got his bearings in time and turned up.

The client got the result, and we are satisfied with the work!