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Got right to the point

CONSORT Success stories Got right to the point

Another success of the team of Project Director Natalia Simis at the beginning of 2022 – Business Analyst of the Department of Economics and Analysis of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry.

When this vacancy was taken up, it was clear that it was interesting from the point of view of search tasks. However, the fact that  the position is a part of  the state structure,  involved many formal requirements and restrictions.

The client, based on previous experience with recruiters, warned that the search would not be easy and that there would be numerous lengthy approvals. But the very first three candidates presented by the consultants of  CONSORT Group turned out to be those who the client needed. These three became  the finalists.

Indeed, there were agreements: questionnaires, tests, pauses and waiting, but the consultants were inspired by a clear hit to the point and a positive conclusion of the project!