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Temporary Staff

CONSORT Services Temporary Staff

Selection and provision of temporary personnel is an efficient solution to the problem of acute shortage of specialists of various qualifications in the following cases:

  • The Clients’ temporary projects that include inventory, end-of-season sales, promotions, trade fairs, conferences, and implementation projects
  • Production peaks: seasonal fluctuations, uneven daily workload of personnel, launch of extra production capacity increasing the current staff’s workload
  • Temporary absence of regular staff (holiday and sick leave, business trips)
  • Launch of new functionality, if there is no confidence that this position will be needed constantly or there is no confirmation of the expansion of position in question from the head office

CONSORT Group assumes all the obligations not only to recruit employees with required qualifications but also to administer them. Thus, CONSORT becomes a legal employer for the staff performing work for the Client company. We provide the Client with transparent reports on the payment of wages to employees and  taxes to various funds.

At the same time, the Client independently manages the employees. The time duration of the service can be from one day to nine months.

CONSORT Group provides personnel of various administrative and production specialties across the Russian Federation in accordance with Federal Law No. 116-FZ.

The company “Consort Finance” has been accredited by Russia’s Ministry of Labor as a private employment agency allowed to carry out staff provision operations.


Temporary staffing service includes:
  • Provision of a dedicated project coordinator, ensuring the selection and provision of personnel, in accordance with the client’s needs, handling shifts (filling shifts with the required number of employees, replacing sick or absent employees). The project coordinator is a single contact person for the client for all cooperation issues.
  • Official registration of labor relations with the project employees.
  • Employee onboarding program (the employees are given a memo with contacts and instructions of the employees’ actions in various situations).
  • Provision of salary bank cards for employees.
  • Full personnel administration in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Calculation of wages and taxes, money transfers to employee accounts, tax deductions and reporting in accordance with the legislation.
  • Monthly provision of employee pay-sheets with salary breakdown.
  • Issuing work-related documentation to employees (2-NDFL, job certificates, etc.)
  • Providing a single contact person to project employees to resolve all issues. It is possible for such a person to travel to the client’s site for the prompt resolution of current issues, exchange of documents, and meetings with employees.
  • Annual survey of the level of the project’s client and employee satisfaction, presentation of the survey results to clients.
  • If additionally agreed, it is possible to provide Voluntary Medical Insurance, life insurance, medical check-ups, travel support (booking tickets / hotels / visas, etc.), cash advance reports processing, corporate mobile communication, meals, uniforms, training, and so on.
  • If additionally agreed, it is also possible to open CONSORT’s representative office at the client company’s premises (on-site) that allows optimizing all the processes of staff selection and administration, handling shifts, having a single contact person fully focused on your company’s tasks which reduces staff turnover and improves the quality of services provided.
  • Billing for services within the agreed timeframe; providing details on accruals, other agreed reports (payroll, balance of vacation days, etc.).