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CONSORT Services Executive Search

Since 1993 CONSORT Group successfully completed over 1,000 executive search assignments for major international and leading Russian companies, for foreign firms now entering Russian/CIS markets, and for emerging Russian business structures.

Of major significance, currently, are searches for unique specialists in narrow market segments. Locating and attracting such specialists — and especially in manufacturing — can only be achieved through a direct approach to targeted candidates. Executive search projects are carried out in accordance with global professional standards and ethical rules of dealing with clients and candidates.



Mapping is actually the first stage in executive search when a client is interested only in receiving a list of potential candidates for senior management or unique roles in the client’s company.

The mapping’s “product” is a list of prospective candidates who meet the open position’s professional requirements and competencies and whom our consultants had identified and conducted a phone-call screening. The number of candidates is agreed upon in advance taking into account the market situation.

The mapping service is an effective way of saving money on the search for top management and unique experts in a situation when you are sure that you can cope on your own with professional and personal evaluation as well as with the final reference check of the selected candidates.

Reference checks of final candidates

Checking references is a complex and crucial part of any search project. We have noticed recently that entrusting the search for top managers and rare specialists to its own internal HR department, the company’s management often wants to have an independent opinion of the final candidate.

Reference checking involves a significant amount of work and is very time consuming. To save the company HR staff’s time, and at the same time to get a “second opinion” of the to-be-hired candidate, it is feasible to outsource this function to an independent and experienced provider such as CONSORT Group. The standard package includes obtaining two written references in accordance with a detailed questionnaire. The number of written references and the status (level of roles) of the referees is agreed upon with the client company.