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CONSORT Services Executive Search

Since 1993 CONSORT Group successfully completed over 1,000 executive search assignments for major international and leading Russian companies, for foreign firms now entering Russian/CIS markets, and for emerging Russian business structures.

Of major significance, currently, are searches for unique specialists in narrow market segments. Locating and attracting such specialists — and especially in manufacturing — can only be achieved through a direct approach to targeted candidates. Executive search projects are carried out in accordance with global professional standards and ethical rules of dealing with clients and candidates.

Being an exclusive partner for Russia/CIS for the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) — the world’s leading association of independent executive search firms — we have access to the global talent pool and can fill positions anywhere in the world.

Our IESF partners  helped CONSORT Group’s clients to fill executive vacancies in China, Switzerland, Poland, and found unique specialists for work in Russia from Malaysia, Germany and Italy.

In recent years, global search projects have become more frequent, including simultaneous searches in different countries and candidates’ relocation. Among such projects:

-Search for Retail Chain Head  (Luxury goods) to work in the Baltic States. The search was carried out in West-European  countries with  developed Luxury goods industry. A specialist from Italy with experience in emerging markets was found and moved to Latvia.

-Search for Production Director for a finishing materials plant. A candidate from Italy with corresponding experience was attracted.

-Search for Format Director for a retail network. The search was limited to several leading European retail companies. A candidate from Germany moved to the Urals.

-Search for a unique specialist in nuclear reactors protection from Russia to work at the facility in Finland.

-Search for Representative of a Russian steel company to work in Africa.                                                                                                                            

Executive search stages:

Search strategy definition, Candidate’s profile creation

  • Formation and adjusting jointly with the Client of job description, search schedule and specifics (including stop-lists and off-limits companies of the market)
  • Clarifying candidates’ motivation for joining the Client company
  • Preliminary market research and compilation of the Search Map
  • Contacting key people (hubs) with the aim of learning from them about current situation in target companies, concrete personalities, as well as analytical information

Search and preliminary assessment. Long-listing

  • Direct search for candidates in target companies
  • Candidates approach on recommendations from key people
  • Database search
  • Using results of previous searches
  • Search on professional sites, in social and professional networks for additional resumes and potential contacts in target companies.
  • Media Check
  • Telephone interviews. Matching candidates’ correspondence to formal requirements and motivation

Candidate interviews. Short-listing

  • Personal interviews with candidates: assessment of professional skills, matching personal fit, motivation, remuneration expectations
  • Interview on competencies and assessment of candidates’ personal qualities in accordance with the Client’s scale of competencies
  • Additional testing: knowledge of foreign languages, assessment centers, on-line testing on the Client’s programs
  • Verification of needed documents, provision of their copies for further use by the Client’s security service
  • Compilation of Short List of candidates to be interviewed in the client company

Candidate presentation

  • Consultant’s written report on each candidate
  • Selection jointly with the Client of the most suitable candidates for personal interview
  • Setting up the Client’s interviews with candidates
  • Reference checking of final candidate (candidates)

Decision making

  • The consultant acts as an intermediary in the process of discussing compensation, starting date of employment, etc.

Follow up

  • Provision of feedback to both sides, assistance in adaptation of new employee, adherence to guarantees.