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Support for the outplaced staff

CONSORT Success stories Support for the outplaced staff

In late autumn, one of our international clients requested Consort Petersburg LLC to deliver a program of individual consultations for downsized employees (Outplacement program).

The goals of such a program are always multifaceted: providing professional guidance and support to employees, apprising of the labor market situation in terms of demand for professionals, qualifications, salary dynamics and other types of incentives, advising on effective behavior modes in the process of finding a new job and standard / non-standard ways of searching for it, as well as on the psychological nuances and subtleties of the interaction between all parties involved in this process. As part of three-hour long one-on-one sessions, our consultant discussed with each participant their major issues and concerns, evaluated professional knowledge, key competencies, business and personal qualities, behavioral patterns, as well as motivation and professional interests. The expert provided advice on writing a resume, cover letter and going through interviews with potential employers and search agency recruiters. While conducting this program, it was very important to take a strictly individual approach to each person in order to develop the most efficient strategy, choose the best ways to search for a new interesting job, and also ensure an appropriate attitude to achieve results in the search process. We were able to provide effective support to program participants, and we are confident that, despite the complex nature of the current labor market, they will be able to successfully achieve their goal. The feedback from the session participants can be seen as proof of that:

“Yury, thank you, it was very nice to meet you and get so much useful knowledge!”

“Yury, thank you for a productive meeting and your feedback”.

“Yury, thanks again for your skill, I’ve been advertising you all for the past 2 weeks ) ”

(The outplacement program was implemented by Yury Mikhailov, Managing Partner of Consort Petersburg).