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Scarce digital twin architect for a Ural client

CONSORT Success stories Scarce digital twin architect for a Ural client

The direction of industrial, and not only industrial, automation of production processes is gaining momentum from year to year. And our partners from Consort Ural have been helping the PLM – Ural company find unique IT specialists for 10 years. In recent years, the search has become more complicated because the need for specialists in the production side of information technology has grown (meaning those who directly create IT products). There are already not enough of them in Russia, and in the last period the competition for them has increased even more. It is clear that the struggle for scarce personnel is usually won by large and well-known companies, which can afford to “buy” specialists for more money, offering them “chocolate” conditions.

But no matter how difficult it was, the head of Consort Ural Nadezhda Ekhlakova managed to create a search team that ensured the transition to the client company of a professional digital twin architect, the competition for whom had been carried out by several leading market players.