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Consort Petersburg’s debut in Kazakhstan

CONSORT Success stories Consort Petersburg’s debut in Kazakhstan

A long-time client of Consort Petersburg, a Russian company specializing in sales and maintenance of off-road machinery, asked for assistance in filling two positions for their new Kazakhstan office: a Sales Support Administrator and a Mechanic.

It was a veritable challenge for our St Petersburg’s colleagues because the labor market in Kazakhstan had previously been unfamiliar for them. Having done an in-depth market research, Consort Petersburg consultants provided a range of different candidates for each position so that the customer would have a certain choice. The client gave preference to those who had had a good experience of working for international companies. The client had some doubts, though, especially in terms of the candidates’ initiative-taking ability, because, as we’d understood during the initial research into the specifics of Kazakhstan’s labor market, this character trait was not particularly welcome in many local companies, including the candidates’ previous job places.

During the onboarding, the ability to take the initiative was well noted and appreciated in the Sales Support Administrator. Both employees made a two-day study visit to the client’s St Petersburg office, where they met their Russian colleagues and participated in a training on building successful “across the border” communications. Both candidates have been successfully working in the client’s company who expressed gratitude for helping to find worthy candidates.

Thus, Consort Petersburg, following the recently opened company Consort Uzbekistan, has taken yet another step towards developing personnel market in Central Asia.