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A salvo of successfully completed projects

CONSORT Success stories A salvo of successfully completed projects

Consort Petersburg has been working with this client, a global leader in the energy sector, for many years.

This cooperation does not only offer professional interest but also imposes a high degree of responsibility on the consultants when searching for the required specialists for various business areas: finance, accounting, IFRS, tax and management reporting, legal, corporate and contract law, lending, project and corporate financing, purchasing, HR management, IT, and many more.

The selection process has clear definition and strict guidelines from the client, and consists of a large number of stages, including filling out a special questionnaire, a series of interviews with the HR department and several respective line-managers (sectorial, departmental, and so on), taking tests, and going through a lengthy security check. It is not uncommon for that procedure to take from three to six months. It was much the same this time, too, when after a long search and presentation of ten to fifteen carefully selected candidates for each position and the multi-stage selection process mentioned above, several professionals (one after another, with a couple of weeks in between) were chosen to fill such positions as IFRS economist, software developer, contract legal advisor, and some others.

The search consultant feels very happy indeed when, as a result, both the customer company, which has onboarded a new employee, and the selected candidate, who has received a chance for professional growth in one of the largest domestic companies, find themselves in the win-win situation. It is all the more satisfying when many successful search projects are completed at once!