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Double search but also double result

CONSORT Success stories Double search but also double result

At the end of February, our candidate for the position of CFO joined a well-known international company, which has long been a client of the CONSORT Group. This was preceded by a long and difficult search, which, moreover, turned out to be “double”.

The client set us the task of finding a high potential candidate who has all the competencies necessary for a CFO, but who is “half a step away” from this status. In standard time, we managed to find an employee with all the necessary competencies, including 10+ years of experience in a high financial position in an international manufacturing company, experience in managing a team of 7 people, fluent English, excellent knowledge of accounting and taxation, and who shares the understanding of the CFO’s role as a business -partner.

It turned out, however, that by showing interest in this specialist, we thereby helped the current employer to re-assess his potential. Our candidate, who had already been selected as the finalist by our client, was made a counteroffer, which he had been waiting for several years. We had to quickly organize a second search, and on the recommendation of one of the candidates from the first lot, we eventually reached the second finalist, who joined the team of our customer. To achieve this success, the team of Project Director Elena Kvartalnova had to work hard: a total of 85 candidates were negotiated on this search. But the “double” effort was additionally rewarded when our customer decided to hire a Chief Accountant from the same lot of candidates a little later, despite the fact that the search for this position had officially been entrusted to another recruitment agency