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Efficient staff needed even during a pandemic

CONSORT Success stories Efficient staff needed even during a pandemic

The pandemic is still there but life, including personnel search, goes on!

It was nice to have received, in the midst of the quarantine period, a new and interesting request from a long-time client of ours — a federal-level drugstore chain which has over a thousand pharmacies in various Russian regions. We were tasked with finding a Head of Marketing with a focus on new strategy in trade marketing and e-commerce. That combination of functionality is still quite rare to come across. However, thanks to the constructive partnership approach from our client, we promptly reviewed about twenty candidates selected for this role. Since the offer was not accepted by the finalist, the search process had to be started anew. Literally a week later we found an equally worthy candidate who in two weeks started working for our client’s company. We hope — for a long time to come!