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A start in life from CONSORT Group

CONSORT Success stories A start in life from CONSORT Group

In July 2020, Consort Petersburg completed the search for a Secretary/Interpreter for our long-time client, a German manufacturing company. Applicants for this role were required not only to speak German at an advanced level in order to communicate with the German CEO and HQ in Germany but also have good English skills. One of the candidates — a student of the Philology Faculty of the St. Petersburg State University — already had some experience of administrative work and a semester of language internship in Kiel (Germany). It was at this time that she was writing her thesis to receive her master’s degree. She was successful in getting her postgraduate diploma, and the very next day she started her job with our client’s company. Of course, she still has a lot to learn about how a full-fledged German business works in Russia. And we are certainly pleased with the fact that we were able to «give a start in life» to a worthy representative of modern youth. And once again prove our ability to be of use in terms of recruitment for the «picky» German companies!