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Consort Petersburg: first remote hire

CONSORT Success stories Consort Petersburg: first remote hire

In the spring of 2020, the regional representative office of CONSORT Group in St Petersburg / North-West successfully completed a search in a new area: a Service Engineer was found for a western company that produces various systems and equipment for all types of rail vehicles, including railways.

Before giving us that search mandate, the client company has worked for almost two months with another recruitment firm but was not able to fill this vacancy. The position was really complex: in addition to the required experience in the maintenance of rolling stock, the future employee had to know English to communicate with the head office. This is not often found in the industry where the Russian Railways and rail public transport (trams and the metro) play first fiddle. However, we managed to present three worthy candidates for this role, one of which worked for a long time at the Russian Railways company as well as for a large western car manufacturer in St Petersburg. The candidate chosen by the Customer turned out to be the first who, during the period of pandemic restrictive measures, was hired remotely from us.