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A new HRD in a leading auditing company

CONSORT Success stories A new HRD in a leading auditing company

In the second half of 2023, one of the largest Russian audit companies contacted us with a request to find a HR Director. After the transformation of international audit companies, the so-called Big4, into Russian ones, our client has got the opportunity to compete for the best personnel in the industry at a new level. To do this, it was decided to invite a new HR Director with experience in ex-Big4 and the ability to adapt HR business processes in accordance with the demands of the modern labor market.

What at first seemed like a fairly simple task turned into a months-long search. The number of suitable candidates was severely limited by the requirements of HR experience in one of the former Big4 companies, as well as the leadership of a team of 10 people in direct subordination. In addition, suitable employees of the ex-Big 4 HR function are in great demand in the current labor market, because many companies in the market now face difficult tasks of finding new approaches to working with personnel and implementing best practices, which the Big Four companies have traditionally been famous for.

As a result of a series of interviews, consultant Elena Kvartalnova found a candidate who was highly motivated for the difficult tasks facing our client. The candidate managed to convince the employer of her ability to establish complex relationships with employees horizontally and vertically, work on brand awareness in order to increase the attractiveness of the company for potential new employees, as well as formulate a long-term strategic policy of the company for personnel management.