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A double bull’s eye for one job opening

CONSORT Success stories A double bull’s eye for one job opening

One of CONSORT Group’s corporate clients, a large Moscow company in a very special business segment, offered a mandate for Consort Krasnodar office to search for a Project Manager in the holding’s southern division.

The search project proved very difficult because there were very few specialists with the experience required by the client on the regional market. In the course of a direct search, we managed to locate only three such people whose work experience was close to an ideal candidate’s profile.

Moreover, one of the candidates whom we have known for many years was clearly pretty overqualified. Consort Krasnodar’s team, however, managed to motivate and convince him to consider that vacancy.

Larisa Morgunova, Managing Partner, Consort Krasnodar

As a result, a job offer was received for two candidates from CONSORT — for the second candidate, a brand- new management position at Moscow’s HQ was specially opened. Thus, one job opening from a client turned into two job posts at different levels filled with our candidates who started their work at the same time. Such a final outcome is quite rare in Executive Search.