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Unconventional approach leads to success

CONSORT Success stories Unconventional approach leads to success

A challenging project of finding a Sales Director for a large mining holding came to a successful completion thanks to the outside-the-box approach taken by a team of consultants led by Project Director Irina Vasilyeva.

Following a long-established tradition, our client, aiming to fill top talent roles in sales, has always focused on candidates from their very specific industry. They believed that only those who knew the very complex and multifaceted specifics of that business segment could be successful in sales.

To break up that mode of thinking, our consultants acted outside the box: they offered to consider a candidate from another business area. His distinctive features included knowledge of B2B product sales market, international experience, possession of world best practices, unique communication and negotiation skills, as well as a huge and sincere interest in the company’s product. As a result of lengthy negotiations and checks, in late August 2020, the selected candidate began working for our client company.