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Salary surveys are in demand

CONSORT Success stories Salary surveys are in demand

CONSORT Group is being increasingly asked to do specific salary surveys of the level of compensation packages.

Our recent customer, a large oilfield service company, was interested in investigating the level of salaries and compensation packages in senior management positions (CEO, COO, business unit director) as well as for engineers of different categories.
The job was not easy: it was necessary to research a narrow, extremely closed segment of the regional market. Nevertheless, CONSORT’s research team managed the task successfully, and the customer was satisfied.
In early 2017, we also conducted a survey for Schindler of the level of compensation and benefits, and working conditions offered by employers to highly qualified blue collars in a narrow market segment, as well as candidates’ wishes concerning a potential future workplace. The request for the survey came in as urgent, and we completed it to the required timetable and were rewarded with a Letter of Gratitude from our important customer (see enclosed).