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On 18 April 2017, the office of welcomed CEOs of Russia’s leading recruitment firms who met to brainstorm an issue of how to further develop the Association of Personnel Search Consultants (APSC).

APSC — the oldest association of professional recruiters in this country — was created in 1996, and since then has done a lot both for establishing the recruiter profession and making the domestic labor market more civilized overall. AKPP’s major achievements have been formulating “Recruiter’s Professional and Ethics Code”, organizing training across Russia, creating professional standards and getting them approved at the state level, and much more.

Michael Bogdanov, CONSORT Group’s Chairman and CEO, acted as one of the founding fathers of APSC, was elected its President for five years, and for a long time was Chairman of the APSC’s Expert Council.

The meeting unanimously agreed on the need to continue APSC’s activities. The brainstorming session results will be used to develop soon a new strategy and approaches that will reflect the interests of a wider range of employment agencies under the new conditions of doing business that changed dramatically in the past few years.