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Fulfilling our own recommendations

CONSORT Success stories Fulfilling our own recommendations

At the beginning of 2022, the team of Project Director Irina Vasilyeva successfully completed a complex and lengthy search for a Chief Accountant for a Russian IT company with international coverage.

The specificity, adding to the complexity of this project, was that before starting work, it was necessary, upon joint analysis of the situation with the customer, to determine with competence as many as 18 fundamentally important requirements for a potential candidate. Among these requirements, professional and personal, were: the presence of certain certificates; experience as a Chief Accountant in IT companies of a certain focus and a certain size with a similar structure and business methodology; experience with intangible assets, licenses; experience in automation in the financial structure; knowledge of RAS and IFRS; excellent knowledge of taxation; fluency in English; strong managerial skills; attitude towards the development of the accounting function, etc.

In order to reach profile specialists, our consultants had to conduct a serious market research. They contacted more than 50 potential candidates, of which about 20 were presented for a personal meeting with the customer. From this twenty, in the end, the profile candidate was selected that meets all the uneasy requirements. The candidate joined the company and has already successfully passed the probation period.

After the completion of this first, unusual project, the ice broke, and for this customer, the Moscow and St. Petersburg offices of CONSORT Group managed to fill several equally difficult vacancies in the Product and Analytical direction within a short time.