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Contributing to client’s business development

CONSORT Success stories Contributing to client’s business development

There is no greater joy for a search consultant than awareness of being involved in the successful development of a client’s business!

At the end of 2019, one of CONSORT Group’s regular customers, a European manufacturer of compressor equipment, launched an assembly production in Moscow, and our group had direct impact on the project’s success. For many years, we have been advising the client on the economic situation in this country, as well as on the market of relevant specialists, and together with the client we patiently waited for the parent company to decide on the opening of production in Russia. And in December 2019, it finally happened: a Production Manager we found started to work for the company!

The search was not easy because there were few highly professional engineering experts on the market. In addition, the search specs changed several times. But eventually, we did manage to find a worthy, competent and friendly Plant Manager from an analog design company. Our candidate was part of a group for assembly and launch of specialized equipment for processing polymers for packaging materials; he developed, built and launched new production areas at the company; he was thoroughly familiar with industrial refrigeration equipment, with air, piston, and scroll compressors. In short, both professionally and personally, he was fully consistent with the client’s idea of ​an ideal candidate!

The success of this search project was also insured by close collaboration with the company’s representatives. If there is a clear goal, mutual understanding and partnership with the client, a good result will certainly be achieved!