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CONSORT scores points in the IT market

CONSORT Success stories CONSORT scores points in the IT market

Recently, in the summary of projects of the CONSORT Group, already completed or in progress, such names as Head of Development Department, Chief Developer, Lead Engineer of System Solutions, Digital Twin Architect and other terms related to the field of information technology have begun to appear more and more often.

We have been looking for IT specialists for our clients before, and in considerable numbers, but, perhaps, it is for the first time that we are being addressed by client companies offering to the market nothing but IT solutions. In Moscow, our success in IT recruitment is associated with a new consultant, Maria Lutsenko, who managed to put cooperation with the IT department of a large investment company on stream in a short time.

In Ekaterinburg, Nadezhda Ekhlakova, managing partner of Consort Ural, successfully organized teamwork aimed at IT searches. And the foundation at the beginning of this year was laid by the youth team of Consort Uzbekistan, which began its journey in recruitment with the successful completion of IT assignments. We hope that the achievements of the CONSORT Group in the selection of IT specialists will be noticed by other participants of the IT market