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Chief Lady for Para-military Vehicles

CONSORT Success stories Chief Lady for Para-military Vehicles

The joy is double when you manage to find a solution to a complex problem.

The task assigned to CONSORT’s consultants by an IESF’s client was to find a Regional Director for the sale of dual-use vehicles (or, in simpler terms, SUVs intended for both military and civilian needs) to Ukraine, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

At first, both the client and us believed that an ideal candidate would be a Russian with an extensive network of contacts in the power structures of the above-mentioned countries. But what about ensuring sales in the Ukrainian market in view of Russia’s current relations with that country? Following a joint decision, we focused on finding a Ukrainian citizen who would have the same experience and connections as his Russian colleagues but had a Ukrainian passport.

As the Russian saying goes — and rightly — “your tongue will bring you to Kiev”: ten months into this complex search, we did find a worthy candidate: not a Ukrainian man but … a Ukrainian female — a proactive lady who, despite a relatively young age, has had a rich experience of foreign trade relations.

We sincerely hope that for our Ukrainian candidate Julia everything “falls into place” in the new job, and to CONSORT Group’s consultant Alisa Efremova we wish further success in out-of-the-box search projects!