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“Mining” candidates for the mining industry

CONSORT Success stories “Mining” candidates for the mining industry

Project Director Irina Vasilyeva: We at CONSORT Group are very pleased that in recent times there have been frequent requests for personnel from mining companies. Apparently, in those firms there is still a shortage of internal resources for finding new employees. We are happy to assist these companies!

Since autumn 2018, I have been a KAM for a well-known large Russian mining company. Over the past six months, I’ve managed to fill four job roles at a managerial level in marketing, finance and HR.

All roles were pretty complex, requiring an in-depth market research and immersion in the mining sector. In particular, one of the positions was to support the implementation of a sophisticated ERP HR module. We had to directly approach those candidates who had successfully implemented that system in larger organizations; there were considerable limitations regarding the size of targeted companies and the candidate’s profile. The client was interested in professionals who were not actively looking for a new job, so together with my team, I had to use hunting methods. As a result, we found a suitable candidate who successfully went through a series of interviews, tests and checks, and went to work for the company.

Currently, we have more search mandates from this client. A number of search projects involve relocation to Russia’s north where natural resources are being extracted. Such job roles are the most difficult to fill. But we are not discouraged and hope that we will succeed in finding people prepared for the move up north.