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CONSORT and Russian professionals for the European Union

CONSORT Success stories CONSORT and Russian professionals for the European Union

A pilot project of cooperation between CONSORT and VMP Group — our Finnish partners in the search business — was a success. Our candidate, Nikita Lovinskiy, went to work in Finland. He became an employee of Areva at Finland’s Olkiluoto nuclear power plant’s third unit which is undergoing pre-commissioning procedures.

According to Consort Petersburg’s Managing Partner Yury Mikhailov, there were quite a lot of challenges: a fixed-term contract, a long period of candidates consideration and feedback from the client, and a lack of experience in “importing” professionals from outside the EU. However, all this was eventually overcome, and in December 2017 CONSORT Group’s rep office in St Petersburg managed “to open the window onto the West” for Russian professionals.

Incidentally, one of the first questions that came from our candidate was “Is there anyone else from Russia here?”. To which Yury Mikhailov replied with a smile: “No, not yet. You are CONSORT’s Gagarin: he was the first representative of this great country in space, and you are in Finland and the EU. We hope that more specialists will follow.”