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Successful business spring of the St. Petersburg “Consort”

CONSORT Success stories Successful business spring of the St. Petersburg “Consort”

The spring of this year (2024) was marked in St. Petersburg not only by the early appearance of flowers, but also by the commissioning of non-standard, and therefore interesting, projects by our St. Petersburg office.

Among them is a search for a Production Manager for the production of gravure printing inks for our Russian customer. This project confirmed the fact that the withdrawal of a number of international companies from the market allowed Russian leading companies in this segment to develop more successfully.

Our long-time client, now an ex-Western trading concern, unexpectedly ordered a search of a slightly discriminatory nature. In order to “dilute” the all-male composition of their sales team, the head of the company asked to focus on finding… a successful saleswoman. Frankly speaking, it was not easy, but our team successfully coped with this challenge.

One of the few European manufacturing companies that have maintained their presence on the Russian market asked us to help with the search for a Customer Service Manager. The matter turned out to be difficult, because even after our consultation on the salary expectations of specialists, the customer wanted to stay within the remuneration framework specified in the staffing table. Even under these circumstances, we were able to show several applicants. As a result, the specialist chosen by the client was offered the salary that we had previously notified by conducting an internal salary indexation.

Well, our regular oil and gas customer was pleased that we were able to fill three new vacancies, one of which was a real challenge: the client required an Expert in the field of social policy with the skills of economic justification of approaches to the management and development of social facilities. In the St. Petersburg market, such specialists can be counted on the fingers of one hand. However, we managed to find one in a large corporation. We received special thanks from the customer for our help in finding such a specialist.