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Native advertising is “on trend”

CONSORT Success stories Native advertising is “on trend”

The world does not stand still, as you know, and in order to be successful you have to be “on trend”. To promote the youth line of their products through digital channels, companies need novel tools. And here comes to the rescue … native advertising!

What is it? The phrase native (natural) advertising comes from English and is the way in which an advertiser attracts attention in the context of the site and the customers’ interests.

There are very few such specialists, especially those who also know how to sell. But we have found one! For one of our favorite clients – a well-known Russian publishing house – CONSORT Group’s consultants have been painstakingly “sifting” through the market for three months! Having begun the search for a native advertising sales manager, we managed to find a specialist of a much higher caliber – Head of Division – able to build a long-term strategy using modern technologies and the latest tools for digital channels.