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Lawyer for mining industry found in construction industry

CONSORT Success stories Lawyer for mining industry found in construction industry

Our client, a mining company, was looking for a project manager, a lawyer with experience of carrying out large investment projects in the field of construction.

A long search within the company did not bring results, so it was decided to turn to external consultants. In the process of working on the project, we discovered that the most suitable competencies are possessed by specialists who have accompanied large investment projects in infrastructure and civil construction, and not in mining. This is the direction we have focused on. For a whole month, our leading consultant was engaged only in this project, which an internal recruiter cannot afford.

The partnership and professionalism of the company’s employees and their interest in success helped in this difficult search. We were impressed by the efficiency of the staff selection department — they conducted negotiations so professionally that none of the candidates refused, although there were many stages, including testing and checks. In addition, employment for this position meant relocation to a very remote region and intensive business trips. Our colleagues from the client company answered all questions instantly, promptly organized interviews with the hiring department, quickly and clearly provided feedback on candidates, and the refusals were not standard, but accurate and motivated, which helped us quickly adjust the search.

Within a month, we found exactly the specialist the client needed. Yes, there have been checks and numerous tests, but we understand that this is really necessary. Over several years of close work with this client, we have practically no replacements, although the warranty period is long.