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Is there a common ground between IT and healthy nutrition?

CONSORT Success stories Is there a common ground between IT and healthy nutrition?

In the autumn of 2017, one of CONSORT Group’s key clients commissioned a search for a Senior Event Manager. This was a new, strategic role within the company, designed to strengthen the event-function, to offer a different level of event-structuring, and to introduce a fresh motivational and entertainment component into strategic events for top distributors.

It was required to find a high-caliber person, multitasking, flexible, with a solid stance, possessing a “helicopter view”, capable of not only optimizing finances and organizing events for thousands of participants at the stadium and million-budget level, but also plunging deeply into the specifics, and the creative component.

Since the products of the client company are aimed at weight correction, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, then, in addition to strong professional competencies and fluent English, a successful candidate had to be fitness-oriented, adhere to the concept of proper nutrition, know and use the client company’s products.

CONSORT consultants found a person from a well-known IT company who not only met the stated requirements and personal profile but also turned out to be a real adept of our client’s products. At first glance, the IT sector and healthy food products are completely different but our consultants managed to find common ground between those and discover the relevance of the candidate’s experience.

Moreover, the client liked our candidate so much that they revised the salary range to up it, and the candidate managed to integrate harmoniously into the corporate culture of the company whose products he had enjoyed using for a long time. It was a win-win situation for both sides!