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Consort Uzbekistan is confidently gaining points in IT

CONSORT Success stories Consort Uzbekistan is confidently gaining points in IT

The Consort Uzbekistan team continues to delight us with its achievements in the IT field. Just six months ago, our Tashkent office began cooperation with Group IB,one of the leaders in the information security market, receiving several vacancies for Anti Fraud analysts.

Having successfully completed the first projects, Consort Uzbekistan received as many as 20 vacancies in the field of cybersecurity. To date, 14 have already been filled (6 specialized IT vacancies and 8 back office positions), the rest are in active work. There is every reason to hope that the project will be completed on schedule — by the end of August.

The most difficult of the closed positions is Reverse Engineer, a rare specialist in the field of cybersecurity (also called “white hat hackers”). Previous searches performed included Senior JavaScript Engineer and Middle Golang Engineer.

Success, like a magnet, attracted other clients from the IT and fintech sector who need specialized specialists and a back office; they currently have 6 complex search projects in the works.