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Psychological testing

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Psychological testing, offered by Consort Petersburg, is based on the following four universally recognized and accepted tests.

Raven’s Progressive Matrices is used to determine the intelligence level of the tested person (IQ). This test is also meant to tell how the person reacts to situations that require prolonged will effort for protracted attention retention in abstract reasoning.

MMPI is used to determine a Personality Profile which is given through a series of the most manifested personality traits such as confidence, resourcefulness, personal dynamics, self-understanding, independence, responsibility, results-orientation, initiative, enthusiasm, pragmatism, anxiety, etc.

Rozenzweig’s Picture-Frustration test is used to describe behavioural particularities in case of frustration, and shows how the person deals with unpleasant or conflict situations. It helps determine whether the person is ready to take responsibility and make decisions in extreme circumstances. It allows checking the person’s inclination to aggressive behaviour and ability to work under stress and pressure.

Thomas Behavior describing test informs us about a person’s prevalent type of behavior in conflict situations: adaptation, compromise, co-operation, competitiveness or avoidance. It also helps assess the person’s communicative and negotiation skills.

Overall, the tests help better understand the tested person’s behavior in business environment (including manager — line-managed relationships).

The testing is three hours long and conducted by a certified psychologist.

A report is prepared in written format in English. In addition, we provide the psychologist’s brief comments on each personality in the context of the position for which that person is being considered.