Premium people to premium companies

Agri Business

First projects: 1994

Assignments completed: over 300

Among our clients: Limagrain, Cherkizovo Group, DLF Trifolium, Bunge, Cargill, Bayer Crop Science, Malteurop Group, Czarnikov Group

Examples of completed projects:

Top management: Agricomplex Director, Russia / CIS Representative Office Director, Head of Agri-Firm, Branch Directors

Sales and Marketing: Sales and Marketing Director, Sales Director (malt), Sales Manager (animal feed), Customer Support Manager, Customer Service Manager, Grain Manager, Seeds manager, Area Managers (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), Traders (grain, sugar, oil, raw materials for the food industry)

Finance and Logistics: Finance Director, Chief Accountant, Internal Control and Audit Manager, Supply Chain Planning Manager, Warehouse Manager, Customs Operations Manager, Freight Manager, FEA Expert, Supply Managers, Equipment Purchasing Managers, Raw Materials Purchasing Managers

HR Management, Administration, IT: HR Deputy General Director, Head of Legal Department, Project Manager for ERP Systems Implementation

Production and Construction: Production Director, Head of Production and Technical Department, Chief Process Engineer, Head of Laboratory, Head of Quality Department, Chief Power Engineer, Ecologist, Technical Supervision Engineer

Specialists: Chief Veterinary Officer, Livestock Advisor to General Director, specialists in livestock, crop production, animal feed and additives